Research reports:

Juliette Davret, Carla Maria Kayanan, Rob Kitchin and Samuel Mutter (2023). Data flows in the Irish planning system. Central Data Unit, Local Government Management Agency.

Juliette Davret (2023). The submerged part of geographic information: A critical analysis through the case of marine planning, Ph.D. Thesis, Nantes University. [Available in French] ⟨Link

Juliette Davret (2022). Restitution Synthesis: Series of participatory workshops on the role of mapping in maritime spatial planning. Nantes University. [Available in French] ⟨Link

Josselin Guyot-Téphany, Juliette Davret, Sarah Petrovitch and Brice Trouillet (2022). General public participation in marine spatial planning in France: Analysis of online participation and contributions in order to do recommendations for simplification. Nantes University. p. 35. [Available in French] ⟨Link

Adrien Brunel, Juliette Davret, Brice Trouillet, Nicolas Bez, Julie Salvetat, Antoine Gicquel and Sophie Lanco Bertrand (2021). Opening the black box of decision support tools in marine spatial planning: shedding light into reserve site selection algorithms for a balanced empowerment of stakeholders. [Preprint] ⟨Link