Juliette Davret is a Ph.D. in geography. She obtained her degree in March 2023 at Nantes University (France). She is currently postdoctoral researcher at Maynooth University within the ERC funded Data Stories project.
She is social scientist by formation, but with great value in interdisciplinary research. Her work is at the intersection of a variety of fields, including social geography, critical data studies, digital geography and science and technology studies. Her research focuses on the analysis of power relations in planning, in particular to reveal inequalities through qualitative methods that she applies to different fields such as urban planning, housing and the marine sector. She has recently been awarded the INTERSECT visiting research fellow at Copenhagen University.

Her research interests include:

  • Science of geographic data and information
  • Planning and governance studies with political dimension and social justice
  • Critical studies: analytical and critical thinking in geography as critical cartography, GIS and data studies
  • Sciences & Technology Studies
  • Social science research methods, especially textual analysis, quantitative and qualitative statistics or interview-based surveys
  • Research-creation: art-based method for researching digital life, mapping and social effects

Her Ph.D. thesis is entitled The submerged part of geographic information: A critical analysis through the case of marine planning for which she received a three-year full fee and maintenance fellowship from Nantes University and Pays de la Loire region. Her research is about power relations related to the geotechnologies and geoinformation in ocean planning and governance.

You can find all the latest news about the Data Stories project on the blog managed by the research team.